The RDA HC-Care Air Fan Module is an essential service accessory to be used when transferring hydrocarbon Refrigerants and should be feature in the risk assessment process Good ventilation in the working area will ensure that any vapour from a leak or release will be rapidly dispersed  Dual 110 -250 Volts 0/60Hz  ATEX Approved High Efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor

Service Procedure for the working area where HC systems are being serviced

  • The area must be well ventilated
  • There must no source of ignition within 3M of the system
  • The rarea must be monitored with a hydrocarbon detector
  • HC Refrigerant Equipment
  • Plug in the Care X3278 Fan Module 3M from theworking area and position at floor level
  • Plug in Caresave Universal 3M from the working area and recover the hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Technical Specs / Data
  • Length 300mm
  • Width   220mm
  • Height  380mm
  • Weight 6.48 KGS
  • Airflow 700m3/h
  • Ambient Temperature Rating -20oC to 55oC
  • Power Absorbed 25W
  • Voltage 230V 50Hz
  • Training  Engineers working with HC refrigerants should be trained in accordance with the specification EN378-4:2008 Annex E