Cm-Fp Refrigerant Recovery Unit



Portable refrigerant recovery unit model cm-ep high saftey performance,including high pressure protection/low pressure protection and current protection

Able To Recover Hc/Hfc/Hcfc/Cfc Refrigerants


1 Recovery Speed 36Kg/H

2 Voltage 230/50Hz (Optional 115V/60Hz)

3 Dimensions 480Mm(L) X 220Mm(W) X 370Mm(H)

4 Nett Weight 20.8Kg

5 Applicable Temperature -10 To -50 Deg C

6 Power 1/4 Hp

8 Current 230V 2.8A 115V 4.5A

9 Protection System: High Pressure/Low Pressure /Current/Temerature Protection

10 Interface Size 1/4Sae Oil Discharge Outlet 1/4Sae


Able to recover HC/HFC/HCFC/CFC Refrigerants

Unique rod design and modern design making it easy for carrying on site

Twin-stage oil seperator so it can seperate the oil in the process of recovery operation

Inlet has filter screen which can clear system impurity conveniently

It includes Push/Pull, Liquid/Vapour recovery mode and self cleaning function

Applications for all Refrigerator/AC Commercial / Automotive AC