Access Fitting Valve FRG4333


The appion g1 single was designed with proven next-generation technology to create the easiest to use refrigerant recovery machine,ideal for servicing smaller systems,but capable of handling recovery jobs of all sizes.. The versatile g1 single gives technicians the competetive advantage with superior performance at an attractive price.

Easy to use. The appion g1 singles simple one switch design makes recovery a breeze..Simply hook up the g1 single and you’re ready to go..And thanks to the g1 single’s integrated condenser,the time consuming purge cycle is a thing of the past,making recovery jobs faster and easier than ever.

the appion g1 single fdeatures the same advanced technology found in the market leading appion g5 twin..The refrigerant-isolated compressor crankcase protects the bearings and drive components from the corrosive acids,sludge and debris brought in by recovered refrigerant.

the 7-inch 10 blade turbine fan blasts 600cfm of cooling air over the entire compressor assembly,delivering better cooling for the cylinder head so the seals and valves stay cooler and last longer too…With all this inside a field durable case with an ergonomic soft gripping rubber handle,the appion g1 single is designed formaximum performance and reliabilty.

Appion g1 single specifications
length 289mm
width 239mm
weight 10kgs

240volt 50hz
115volt 60hz

easy to service

the simple and robust design of the appion g1 single also makes it quick and easy to take apart and repair.The entire unit can be completely dismantled and rebuilt in about 20-30 minuts with just a few hand tools..All of the parts are easily accessed and replaceable for long life.Since it is so easy to use and so easily repaired in the field the appion g1 single is the best value of any machine in its class.