Mastercool Wireless Charging Scale 202171



Supurb new wireless charging scale from mastercool available in two models giving the option of manual or fully automatic refrigerant charging

a wireless remote control panels allow the operator monitor the charge process progress remotely from the scales-for instance up a ladder. The control has magnetic back so can easily be stuck onto convenient surface leaving your hans free.

If you choose the model with the inbuilt solinoid valve you have the option of full automatic charging or remote on/off of the charge process

funtions : charge programming,allows user to program desired quantities an alarm will sound as the programmed charge weight approaches…..Pause / charge ( 98315 modle only ) allows user to remotely stop and continue charging……..Cylinder capacity programming: empty / full tank feature allows user to know the amount of refrigerant at any time….. Repeat (98315 model only ) allows user to to charge prevously stored amount


Wireless Unit Prevents Unwanted Tangles…..

Remote Stored In Body Of The Platform….

Keypad Provides Synchronization And Zeroing….

Extremely Accurate Weight Sensor…..

Magnet On Remote Allows Easy Placement On Fixtures….

Battery Life Symbol For Platform And Remote Constantly Displayed On Lcd….

Wireless Signel Strength Indicator


Capacity 110Kgs

Resolution 10G

31Cm Platform Accepts All Standard Refrigerant Cylinders

Ref 202171